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Applejucy's Adventure


An enchanted story about courage and fantasy - and how to overcome predjudices with their aid 

Applejucy's Adventure
Reading Level: Age 9 and up

Applejucy is a little witch girl living a perfectly normal witch`s life on Green Witch Island. Her best friend is the talking parrot Luis. If Jucy doesn`t feel like going to witch school she simply skips her lessons. On one of these days she meets two human children, Nana and Jimmy, who have been washed ashore after their escape from a ship. Nana and Jimmy come from Africa, and they are looking for their mother who has been abducted by slave traders. The human world is set in the era of America`s colonization and slave trading. 

It`s a matter of honor for Jucy and Luis as they help the human children in their quest. Yet that doesn`t prove to be easy. Witches on Green Witch Island don`t believe in the existence of humans, or they are scared of them. Even worse- witches lose their magical powers when they leave the island. The children are undeterred, overcome prejudices and fear, and embark on an adventurous journey to America in their search for Nana`s and Jimmy`s mother. With the help of a magical necklace, the clever parrot Luis, and lots of courage they conquer not the country but a great many hearts in this bewitching journey. Finally, they even find Nana`s and Jimmy`s mother after a sometimes seemingly jinxed and bewitched journey.

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